JSON: an acronym with a nice ring to it

August 12, 2007

I’ve just spent a good chunk of the last two days getting up to speed with the Javascript Prototype Library and JSON.

Javascript’s a great language and essential in these web 2.0 times, and mercifully someone’s put together a library which extends (and rationalises) javascript in a number of directions, including:

  • AJAX
  • enumeration
  • object-orientation
  • page geometry
  • DOM addressibility

There’s also some very handy tutorials and guides:

The downside of the Javascript Prototype Library? Not much, apart from an investment of time to get to know it (though much of it seems quite intuitive, and will save time in future) and the size of the library (a 91KB file which’ll get downloaded with any web page that references it).

The reason I put the time into to learn these tools? To be able to complete a programming task which involved creating and populating a widget from an XML feed using a supplied search string:


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