Feijoas and newspapers

August 6, 2007

Having a bit of a lazy day today, stopping at some plant nurseries to pick up some feijoa trees on the way up to Koitiata, and then reading the Dom-Post and the Listener in front of the fire.

I thought I had trawled through all the nurseries and garden centres a couple of weekends back when I was on the great fruit tree buy-up (and subsequent plant-out), but I had missed Kapiti Plants, who are a reasonably-sized and reasonably new plant nursery in Te Horo.

They originally had intentions to be a feijoa orchard, but after buying up a whole heap of feijoa trees, decided instead to become a plant nursery. As a result, they’ve still got a few feijoa seedlings, of which I grabbed a couple of varieties: Triumph (apparently produces late season fruit, which store well) and Apollo (mid-season, and large but delicate fruit).

I also managed to pick up a couple of Wiki Tu feijoa trees from another nursery, so between the three (both Apollo and Wiki Tu are self-fertile, but apparently fruit better when cross-pollinated), I should hopefully stand a chance of developing a fruit-bearing hedge in two or three years time.

One thing I did learn during my feijoa investigations is that there is a readily available variety, feijoa sellowiana, (which I think is actually the original variety) that is good for hedging and is reasonably-priced (I saw them available for $6 per tree, as opposed to $16 per tree as I paid this afternoon), but doesn’t produce significant fruit.

One apparent use for the fruit is as an exfoliant — if I even get sick of eating them, I could always whip up a batch of beauty products!

Here’s a picture taken of the bach taken from the backyard, really just to check that this offline blogging software I’m using (Windows Live Writer) is able to handle uploading images to WordPress (and because it’s also nice to look at pictures of summer).